My Work - Other Work

On this page, you will find examples of work I have completed outside of formal education, to both further my knowledge and provide greater insight into my ability.

For work completed as part of my degree, see this page.

Finance App (SQL, HTML, PHP & JavaScript)

My finance app is designed to keep track of financial information from multiple sources, including stocks and funds, pensions, bank/savings accounts, cryptocurrencies and innovative finance. I began developing the app due to my own personal desire to see all of my financial information in one place.

Features are limited at present, as much development work has gone into handling stock market information. As this information updates regularly, it is desirable to see at a glance how certain shares are performing, and how the current value relates to the price paid. In addition, the app keeps track of dividend information, providing both tabular information and graphs to allow at-a-glance analysis of a stock portfolio.

Finance App
Screenshot of the finance app, showing dividend information for a portfolio. Note: Financial information has been removed.

The application analyses stock yields and provides a projection for the current tax year, providing both a view of expected future performance and the expected tax liabilities based on these figures.

Complex mathematical equations are utilised by the application, to provide a complete overview of a portfolio, including dividend yield across a calendar/tax year, and the projected income figures outlined above.

In future, the application will expand to include a broader range of financial information and meet the goals stated for the project.

Code for this project can be found in this Github repository. In the near future, a login system will be implemented and a demo account created for outside viewing. When viewing the code, please bare in mind this app is under heavy development, and as I use this app day to day, certain features have been somewhat 'hacked together' to make the app suitable for my needs. These sections of code are in the course of being rewritten to provide greater scalability, and use object oriented coding techniques.

Website/Blog (HTML, PHP & JavaScript)

My website/blog is a showcase of the projects I undertake in my free time, from simple informative blog posts (e.g. replacing a PS4 controller battery) to more technical projects (e.g. designing and building a compact USB to ethernet hub.

As well as the content, the site itself showcases skills in both HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. At present, the blog also utilises Wordpress, though in the future, this will be replaced with my own lightweight blogging solution.

The site is designed to have a clean and modern look, with much focus put in to readability of content and scalability on mobile devices as opposed to fancy graphics and animations.

The site is fully conformant to current HTML5 and CSS3 specifications, and uses many modern techniques including the flexbox container and clip-path property to achieve a clean design. (No Internet Explorer please).

PHP 7.2 powers the dynamic elements of the site, bringing a large performance boost from PHP 5.x while adding useful new features.

Of course, this does not require any screenshots as you are currently using the site 😃.