Carl Ansell


Hi, I'm Carl

A motivated software developer based in Birmingham, UK, better known as the home of the Peaky Blinders.

With a passion for technology, my interests include programming, circuit design, and electronic repairs. I am an avid Linux user with over a decade of experience, having used various distributions through this period. I host multiple servers, including an email server and the server running this very site, network servers using both NFS and Samba, and have a decent knowledge of Linux system administration.

Outside of computing, I'm a massive motorsport fan, F1 and BTCC in particular. I have a collection of cacti/succulents, most of which are still alive. And I do like to bake the occasional cake...if I'm lucky, the result might even be edible!

I run a (currently Wordpress powered) blog, named Qubits & Bytes, where I showcase some of my tinkering, alongside various informative posts aimed to document some of my findings. There is also an accompanying YouTube channel, Qubits Tech, where I video some of my attempted repairs.

Learn more about me and what I have to offer. A more traditional PDF-based CV can be downloaded here, if you'd prefer. And don't forget to get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you!



I have a wealth of skills amassed through both work and personal projects, ranging from data management and enhancement to software engineering and hardware design.

My main programming languages are web based, such as PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. I do also have experience with Java, C and C++.

With a background in data storage and management, I have extensive experience using MySQL/MariaDB, with some knowledge of MongoDB, XML data structures and XPath.

On the admin side, I currrently maintain several self-hosted servers, with knowledge of both Apache and nginx, as well as running a Postfix-based email server.

You can find some of my work over on my Github profile.



  • Linux
  • Git
  • VSCode
  • Postman
  • Samba
  • Kicad
  • Blender
  • MS Office/LibreOffice

Experience & Education


My journey begins...

2007: BBC Midlands Today

Appeared on BBC Midlands Today due to outstanding acheivement in education.

2006-2011: Sandwell Academy

  • 17 A*-B grades at GCSE level
  • Includes A* grades in Maths, IT, English and Science

2009-2013: University of Warwick - GOAL/IGGY

  • Part of the University of Warwick 'GOAL' programme
  • Participated in several events, including an e-mentoring science course and a week-long medical school
  • Was also part of the 'IGGY' programme

2011-2013: Volunteer at West Bromwich and District YMCA

  • Assisted in organising the YMCAs annual 'Sleep Easy' event
  • Called local schools to create new links with the YMCA

2011-2013: Sandwell Academy

  • 4 A-Levels
  • Achieved 100% in all IT modules

2012: University of Birmingham - Medical School

  • Week long course at the UoB medical school
  • Took part in a variety of activities, looking in depth at various human tissues
  • Watched lab tests undertaken on mice, gaining an understanding of the role of animal testing

2013-2016: University of Warwick

  • BSc Computer Science
  • Covered a broad range of topics, including neural networks, AI, web development, computer architecture, computer security, and several alogorithm-based modules.
  • Created an award winning project in conjunction with Deutsche Bank
  • IoT centric dissertation, investigating the use of IoT devices in low power networks
  • Awarded a scholarship as part of the University scholars programme

2017-2018: Hayley Group Ltd - Data Support

  • Responsible for maintaining and improving the quality of data held in the company's ERP/master data systems
  • Handling data support queries from across the group
  • Highlighting issues and suggesting process improvements

2018-2021: Hayley Group Ltd - Senior Data Analyst/Developer

  • Providing support to the Data Manager in strategising the direction of the department
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining SQL queries to interact with product data
  • Use of SQL to maintain data integrity, perform a variety of checks, and maintain the standard of data within the master data system
  • Liaising with the IT department on the requirements of the Data Team, in terms of both structure and design of backend infrastructure
  • Assisting with the design, development strategy, and testing of the company Smartshop B2B plaform, and various B2C platforms
  • Providing solutions to ease the integration of the ERP, master data and B2B/B2C systems. Deployed a self-hosted B2B platform to aid with this
  • Creating documentation through the internal wiki system to provide clarity for other team members
  • Developed several tools, including an image downloader and URL checker, to aid the department
  • Participating in the collection of data from web sources using scraping software

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